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Cannabis Care

Medical Cannabis Consults

Start your journey with us today!


Experience the full potential of medical cannabis with Encompass. Our personalized consults and ongoing support provide guidance to help you navigate the world of cannabis so that you can achieve optimal results. 

Cannabis Care

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Encompass Care Group presents Cannabis Care, a program designed to help individuals navigate the complex process of using medical cannabis legally and effectively. We believe cannabis is a medicine and should be treated as such.

Our program offers certification services to eligible patients in states that allow the use of medical cannabis. In addition to certification, we also provide ongoing support and guidance, ensuring that our patients are fully informed about their choices and have the best possible outcome. Our compassionate team is devoted to helping patients achieve their desired health goals through the use of medical cannabis. 

*Currently only serving Connecticut and Colorado residents*

Cannabis Care Options

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Initial Consult

First Time Applicants

30-minutes visit




Renewal Consult

Returning Applicants Only

15-minutes visit



Cannabis Care Membership

Premium Care Membership To Support Your Ongoing Journey.

    *Currently only serving Connecticut and Colorado residents*  

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